Benefits of Ginger

Helps to Calm Nausea and Vomiting

Various forms ginger-nonalcoholic ginger ale or beer, pills, and candied ginger root-have can stop feelings of sickness. The study has found that ginger was as effective as the prescription medication scopolamine in preventing motion sickness, without causing the drowsiness that sometimes comes with the drug. In fact, the anti-sickness properties of ginger are potent that people use ginger regularly when they are going through chemotherapy treatments, as a way to hold off chemo-induced vomiting and nausea. As well as this, pregnant women have been known to experience relief from morning sickness if taken for short periods. Please ask your doctor first.

Relieves Pain

Ginger blocks the pro-inflammatory hormones, it may also be useful in helping people who suffer from the pain such as migraines, it has reduced the symptoms. Furthermore, ginger might help those affected by arthritis. Studies have shown that people with osteoarthristis or rheumatoid arthritis or muscle pain, soreness from exercise experienced less pain and swelling when they took ginger daily.

May help prevent certain types of cancer

Ginger cause ovarian cancer cells to die; in another, ginger root supplement reduced inflammation in the colon which suggested that ginger may have potential as a preventive measure.

Help improve symptoms of cold, sore throat.

Ginger has a little bit of a spicy flavor and warming effect. Ginger might help relieve a sore throat and fight infection, while also boosting immunity to get rid of sore throat causes. Ginger boosts your immune responses to kill viruses. Some viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics, so ginger may relieve and recover your body fast.

A person can try using ginger for a sore throat by:

adding freshly grated ginger into hot water with honey. chewing a piece of fresh root ginger. This is the best way to get the best result, but a little bit hardcore. adding fresh ginger to recipes for example ginger stir fry with onion and chicken and add some mushroom sauce.

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