Benefits of grass-fed butter

The food they feed the cows eat affects the nutritional contents of their milk. Some research suggests that cows that eat more grass produce their milk with a better nutritional profile and more benefits than the regular grain fed milk.

Benefits of grass-fed butter

1. Have a higher CLA(conjugated linoleic acid) which has anti-inflammation, preventing bone loss, lower your risk of heart disease(1), and is protective against cancer.

2. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. It may have reduce chronic diseases such as eczema, arthritis(2), cancers and control inflammation. 

3. Boost weight loss.- Improve insulin, reduce inflammation, cholesterol levels. It will give more energy and boost your metabolism.  It is great to add on coffee only one teaspoon when you do intermittent fasting (Bulletproof Diet). 

4. Rich in vitamin A and K

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