Benefits of Green Tea

Updated: Jun 25

1. It helps you lose weight and lower risk of cardiovascular disease because in green tea have epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which increases fat burning and boosts the metabolic rate, in humans.

2. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which prevents inflammation, and reduces your risk of cancer such as lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer.

3. People who drink green tea often could possibly lower risk of Cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke. Green tea helps lower the bad cholesterol levels, LDL (Low - density lipoprotein) cholesterol and prevents blood clot in the body.

4. Some studies said green tea helps reduce the smell of your mouth. In green tea have Polyphenois and Catechins that kill the bacteria that cause plaque formation and is a leading contributor to cavities and tooth decay inside of your mouth and prevent preventing periodontal diseases.

5. In green tea have Polyphenols OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) which is prevent oxidative damage from excess exposure of the skin to UVB radiation such as wrinkles, melasma. Also, it prevents skin cancer.

Green Tea is a healthy beverage. It has a good flavor and smell. Drinking one to two cups of tea in addition to your normal daily beverage will greatly decrease the risk of any bad conditions. People sensitive to caffeine can buy a decaf form of green tea and still get all the benefits.


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