Improve health easy ways

1. Eat healthy, eat more green red purple yellow veggies and fruits, less or void bread, sugar, fried food and salty food.

2. Exercise regularly, daily routine 30-60 mins of your walking, running, jumping, keep your heart and muscles working.

3. Protect your skin from strong sunlight, only 15 minutes of sunlight will get Vitamin D for your body but not too long on the strong sun it could harm you.

4. Don't smoke or use tobacco.

5. Limit how much alcohol you drink, for men not more than 2 drinks and not more than 1 drink per day for women,  One drink is equal to 12 oz. of beer and 5oz. of wine.

If you like to learn more about how to improve health and a better quality of life, please call for your appointment with our Certified Wellness & Life coach, we can help you take action to make it happen fast and NOW!! 913 839 9478

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