Pectoral muscles

Pectoral muscles, the muscles that connect the front chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder. Pectoral muscles including two muscles one is called pectoralis major and another one is called pectoralis minor.

Pectoralis major is performed opposing actions at the shoulder joint, flexion and extension, respectively.

Pectoralis minor is attached to rib 3-5, so it helps to elevate the ribcage for inhalation.

Pec muscles control the movement of the arm, with the contractions of the pectoralis major pulling on the humerus to create lateral, vertical, or rotational movement.

Tightness in this area can cause neck pain, chest pain, shoulder pain, round shoulders, shallow breath and forward head posture. People who work with computers, driver, lifting, dentist, do weightlifting, some exercise can cause pain in your chest such as elliptical, running or holding your baby so long can develop tightness in the pectoral muscles.

Pectoral muscles should be long and relax by correct poster and deep breath all the time.

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