Rotator Cuff Muscles

Updated: Jun 25

Consist of four muscles

  • The Supraspinatus assists the deltoid with abduction of the shoulder to move away from the centerline of your body and it helps lift your arm. It is the only muscle of the group not involved in shoulder rotation.

  • Infraspinatus is the main muscle responsible for lateral rotate and extend your shoulder. It’s a thick muscle.

  • Teres minor is a small muscles, narrow muscle on the back of your shoulder blade. It is between the infraspinatus and teres majors. It also contributes to lateral rotation of your arm away from your body.

  • Subscapularis is a large triangular-shaped muscle in rotator cuff muscles. It is important for rotation of your shoulder medially.

Tightness in this area can cause ache deep pain in shoulder, hard to comb your hair, raise your arm up high(straight), or reach behind your back and frozen shoulder. If you have a job that you have to move your arm a certain way over and over, like a chef, painter, carpenter, lift something heavy or you play sports such as tennis, weightlifting, softball, football, and baseball. It can cause pain in rotator cuff.

If you feel like you might have a tight or pain in rotator cuff area, medical massage can help you right away!

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