Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

1.Sleep - we need to have enough and deep sleep per day at night time. It can help improve your brain, organs, slow aging, and healthy body. Growth hormone will create at around 10pm. to 1am.

2. De-stress

  • Meditate - concentrate on deep breath. Meditation reduces stress, age-related Memory Loss, high blood pressure, controls anxiety and makes you calm.

  • Stay positive - smiling, laughing, think positive. It will reduce inflammation in the muscle or joint. Also,it will bring the positive into your subconscious, your mind and your life from inside out. 

  • Exercise - at least 30 min 3-4 days a week. It will help both mentally and physically. Start it today. Don't wait or have an excuse.

  • Unplug - Turn off the phone, TV, computer at least 5-10 mins. Close your eyes and breathe deep and slowly focus on your inhale and exhale at the tip of your nose, when you come back, you can feel fresh and brand new energy that helps you ready to deal with the world again.

3. Reduce Salt - eating too much salt may increase kidney function, high blood pressure, cancer.

4. Reduce Sugar - eating foods high in sugar, it will cause chronic inflammation, stress and health issues in your body. Sugar acts like sandpaper on your joints, so less sugar means less stress, less disease and more healthy.  

5. Massage - good massage the whole body or just neck and shoulder can help you feel better right away, stress will disappear in the moment. Also, it will help blood circulation into your body.

There are many more ways to reduce stress, pick one and do it!

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